Mama J’s Canvas and Cloth

Paint Parties! Learn how to paint like you never thought you could…believe me you can do it! And have a great time! Amber can host a Paint Night for you and your friends – find all the details here.  Or if you are shopping – here are unique creations by Amber Jackson.  Original Paintings on canvas and distinct and imaginative creations in cloth.  Let Amber bring your imagination to life.

Paint N’ Sip

Amber will conduct Paint N’ Sip parties where she will paint right in front of you and teach you to complete a painting!

Paint N’ Sip parties can be scheduled your own location with a group of your friends, or check here often to see when one is scheduled that you can attend.  Amber has held Paint N’ SIp Parties at the Krossing and at Murph’s pub in Red Deer as well as other locations.  Often appetizers are included in the price of admission, and all materials are supplied and Amber will paint right in front of you with EASY step by step instruction.


There are a variety of paintings that Amber can teach you to create.  Take a look at the paintings on this page and see if you want to learn to create one of these and make it your own masterpiece.

Amber can work with you to teach you to create a piece of your own choosing as well. She has created paintings from favorite photos and taught groups of people to unleash their creativity and come away with a truly unique piece of art.  Contact Amber today and ask about her Paint N’ Sip nights!

Previous Paintings

The paintings below have all been used in previous Paint N’ SIp Parties.  Amber can teach you to paint any of these.  If you don’t like the ones shown, contact her to see what other options (including custom designed pieces!) she can teach.

Want to use one of the paintings listed?  Just fill out the booking form at the bottom of the page and put the ID number of the painting you want!!!

ID # P001
ID # P002
ID # P003
ID # P004
ID # P005
ID # P006
ID # P007
ID # P008

ID # L009

ID # L010

ID # L011

ID # P012

ID # P013

ID # P014

ID # P015

ID # L016

ID # L017

ID # L018

ID # P019

ID # P020

ID # P021

ID # P022

ID # L023

ID # L024

ID # L025

ID # P026


ID # P027

ID # P028

ID # P029

This one glows in the dark!

ID # L030

ID # L031

ID # L032

ID # P033

ID # P034


ID # P035

ID # P036

ID # L037

ID # L038

ID # L039

ID # L040

ID # L041

ID # L042

ID # L043

ID # L044

ID # L045

ID # L046

ID # L047

ID # L048

ID # L049

ID # L050

ID # L051

ID # L052

ID # L053

ID # L054

ID # L055

ID # L056

ID # L057

ID # L058

ID # L059

ID # L060

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Who is Mama J?

Mama J is Amber Jackson – one of Red Deer’s most prominent artists.  Amber has competed in Art Battles, painted for charity and loves to share her art with people by conducting paint nights, teaching children to paint and of course creating amazing works of art for commission or for sale.

Original Art

All of Amber’s Art is available for sale.  If you like one of the pieces you can purchase it right here online. You can also commission art if you are looking for a custom piece, whether it is simply a change in size or colour or a completely custom piece, go ahead and contact Amber with your desires.


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